Great reasons to visit Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina is one of the cities that is rapidly growing in the country. All people native to upstate know how special Greenville is. This city has restaurants, parks, and festivals and it is attracting more and more visitors every year. Unlike other southern cities, Greenville isn’t concentrated in re-imagined historical events. Instead, this city has a balance between the past and the future, giving the olden day look as well as the progressive look of the country. This charming city in the shadow of the Blue Ridge mountains should be your destination tour. It is the place to stroll and get something new and interesting as you have fun. Here are five top reasons to visit this surprising city now.

Buzzing restaurants

There are new restaurants opening all over Greenville city. You may have heard of the saying that a city can only be as great as its culinary craft. The restaurants have well trained and talented chefs who are there to ensure they meet growing population’s demand. You will be able to find dozens of fascinating venues as you stroll down the street. From old-world Dutch café to an edgy rooftop bar, Greenville is the city to enjoy all this.  

A burgeoning art scene

When strolling down Main Street, you may stumble across a small bronze mouse skulking by the bush or just looking on the back street. There is also the spectacular rose tower, the red steel and many modern artworks in public places. Furthermore, there are different art performing organizations in Greenville such as the International Ballet, South Carolina Children’s theatre, and Greenville Symphony Orchestra. Popular musicians from different genres perform at these art organizations. You can choose the best and go there to have fun.

It embraces families

Taking your kids to the block dedicated to kids at the Fall for Greenville festival will encourage their curiosity. If your children are older, they will get a bicycle, Segway and walking tours downtown of Greenville. Moreover, they can also enjoy hiking in State Parks or the lining of river Gorge.  

Great urban oasis

The Falls Park wind along the Reedy River is the best place for a pre-dinner or post-dinner stroll or even a picnic which will make a perfectly fascinating afternoon. The river has walking trails, a waterfall, and a single suspension-cable pedestrian bridge. The pedestrian bridge apparently floats over the woody valley. You can also enjoy a bike ride along the swamp rabbit trail.


Greenville is a home of sports throughout the year. This city has never looked back when it comes to baseball. As a matter of facts, the shoeless hero Joe Jackson came from Greenville. You can get his memorial baseball field West Greenville. Fans flock here to enjoy America’s pastime favorite during summer. You can have more fun to join people such time in this city.  bridal makeup charleston sc